Packaging Materials

Small Box Rhyl

Small Box

14 x 18 x 14h in - £1.50
It might be small but as they say "there's good stuff in small boxes!" This double-walled carton is ideal for small heavy items such as books, tin cans, crockery etc...
Large Box Rhyl

Large Box

18 x 18 x 21h in - £2.00
This is the biggest moving box on offer, this double-walled carton is ideal for bulky items such as a small TV, Hi-Fi equipment, bedding linen, towels etc. Caution! Be very careful not to overfill. The box will take it but your back might not!
Hanging-Garment Carrier Rhyl

Hanging-Garment Carrier

18 in rail length - 48 in tall £10.00
Make moving a breeze! Simply transfer your clothes - on hangers - from your wardrobe to this special wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes come complete with metal rail, which fits in place in seconds. Wow!
Packing Tape Rhyl

Packing Tape

Strong adhesive, brown packing tape.
Mattress Covers Rhyl

Plastic Mattress Covers

Single - 1.00 // Double/King 2.00
Slip-covers to keep your mattresses protected during moving and storage.
Bubble Wrap Rhyl

Bubble Wrap

5m - 2.50 // 100m - 25.00
It's ideal for packing up all fragile and delicate items. Pictures, glass, crockery, etc.
Wrapping Paper Rhyl

Wrapping Paper

full ream - 15.00
Excellent for packing individual pieces of jewellery, silver, cutlery, glass, crystal etc.
Document Archiving Box Rhyl

Document Archiving Box

15 x 12 x 11h in - 17.50 per pack of 10
Archive boxes are ideal for the home office, or simply as a place to keep all your important documents and files in one place. Especially useful for offices and with our archive storage services.




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